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You can stand out from the crowd by dressing yourself in vintage coats and skirts. Want to know how to get Etsy coupons or promo codes? My husband and I were chatting about decorating styles the other day and he asked what I liked. I either want all my stuff piled up comfy around me…or I want the place empty!

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  7. 3 Comments!

I love this space! I love how you achieved a minimalist space by using neutral colors and playing with texture. Such an inspiration, thank you! Great verse on the canvas above your mantel! I love cleared off spaces too. I feel like I can breath easier when my kitchen counter and dining room table are clear. I love tchotchkes and fun decor but I am also cleaning-obsessed. My answer to that has been to leave my home free of decor and create a lovely hospital-like ambiance. Is there a happy medium or do I just need to go ahead and find a psychiatrist? I love how you can make room for both!

Thank you so much for sharing! This is exactly how I feel. I really love this whole idea! Just this weekend, I decided that our extra table was going to be left completely clear with no decorative items because the kids are always doing some project or other on it and my decorations were continually getting shoved to the side anyway. But after reading your blog, I got them all out, and put them around the house. Thank you for this post! Recently we moved across the country. My sister has fantastic style and has helped me pare down my decor in the new place.

Great article! I love the antiques I have in my house but I also love a more minimalist palette and design. Farmhouse style reminds me a lot of this combination. Girl, I loooooved this! I decided this Sunday to tame the stuff and focus on the feel. My heart finally said enough is enough. I may owe you royalties for how many times I quoted your ideas quieting, stuff manager, etc. Now off to wash the white paint from the brushes as the first thing I did was paint some walls! I was never sure how to reconcile the two things.

As a missionary, I recently went through a large move again and was challenged to embrace minimalism not just by necessity but as a choice. But I also dream of cozy rooms and design that makes home feel like well, just that, home, even if we are far from family or other familiar things. I want others to feel at home as well as in my home since we open our doors to nationals, singles, and other ex-pat families.

I think your home should be full of everything you and your family love…with tons of personal style. I want my kids to remember their home growing up and how it was full of all the things we loved! I am also torn between the two styles. I love the zen calm of a minimalist style, but I have so many sentimental tchotchkes and books…s so many books! I have different moods, sometimes I need cozy and others I need a cleared wide open space, just depending on what I am doing at the time. We added a master bedroom onto our house 3 years ago, I still only have one wall with a large picture on it.

Cosy House Collection Coupons & Promo Codes

I just liked the feel when I walked in, open, clean and simple. Thanks for an inspiring post! This is nuts, but I have been struggling with exactly the same thing. I am going to think about this and play a bit. Thanks, Nester! Ditto to what you said.

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  • Sound familiar? You hit the nail on the head!

    When You’re A Cozy Minimalist :: Decorating Made Easy

    I have been struggling with this same dilemma. I love cozy but clutter makes me feel overwhelmed.

    Past Cosy House Collection Coupon Codes

    Still working on the balancing act. I remembered this post after an especially hard moment about the stuff. Thank you. I actually have blue nail polish. We could work puzzles together on your cleared off spaces and make soup in my colorful kitchen with 17 pots ALWAYS on the stove. Adore you, forever and always. Decorating or dressing myself. Amazing how this clears things up for me.

    Now, to just pick which areas I like for each style. I am totally unable to commit to any one design taste. And I agree, there are areas in my house where there are clusters and layers and there are other spaces that I just want to see left open and white and calm feeling. I love the clean counter or that my eyes can breathe when I see the top of my dresser nice and cleaned off. BUT I do love a clustering of pretty things, or sentiments…how do you feel about stuff on the fridgerator? Hi there.

    I am new to the blog world as a blogger, but I just wanted to say I really love your blog and I want to thank you for all your beautiful ideas. Your book is on my wish list. I love to decorate, and as a follower of Jesus, I want to always make sure I have the right balance. My goal is to make my guests and family feel loved and welcomed by my love for all things home. Coupon Codes

    Thanks for being a great model on how to do what you love while honoring God. Blessings, Natalie http: Great post, and thanks for always keeping it beautiful but real. That is so me! I feel the exact same way…I go back and forth. But at the same time, I fall in love with beautiful objects and love to be surrounded by rich layers and color.

    I love how you have come up with your own balance. It is something I am playing with all the time. This is exactly how I feel!!!! Then when I first moved out I craved matching everything else. We live in a small place around sq ft. Sometimes things come into your life at just the right time, and me finding this post was one of them! I have been struggling with my love of decorating and my desire to live a minimalist life. After Christmas, I packed every decoration up in my house because I wanted to see what minimalist life would look like.

    Your post helped me think about spaces in my home that can serve my need to decorate and other spaces that can serve my minimalist lifestyle. Thank you! I was just telling my husband the other her day I wished I could find examples of minimalist houses that look like ours — that is, minimal but also cozy. And here you are! Thanks for the inspiration: Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one!

    I too, love both fuller spaces and minimalist spaces. Nesting Place It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am constantly fighting two extreme decorating styles. My Edie-fied, cozy spaces are filled with meaningful beauty, quirky tchotchkies, DIY art and photos those are: The fireplace mantle The gallery wall The niche in the kitchen My bedside table My office bookcase The official, intentionally left cleared off spaces are: But when they are clear they are ready to serve us.

    Cozy Minimalist Home Book Review

    Join the movement! Get the book: Take the Classes: Click here to find out more about the Cozy Minimalist Courses that have already helped over 10, women, add your name to the waiting list and I promise to let you know when the next class opens! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Comments Becky says: January 26, at Margaret says: Peggy says: This is the epitome of me.

    Great post and good to know we arnt alone.